Tuesday, December 18, 2012

/jp/ Milk Tea Forums

This project grew, so a new way to exchange ideas was needed. With that in mind, /jp/ Milk Tea forums were formed (jpmilktea.freeforums.org/). If you're interested in seeing all of the ideas that are being considered and really being up to date, check it out. Just keep in mind that there will be spoilers since all aspects of the game are being discussed there. You're welcome to contribute your own opinions there too, though you'll need to make an account (anonymous posting has been disabled for most freeforums, unfortunately).

That aside, sorry about the lack of posts. Development has been on hold for awhile and before that, the ideas being considered hadn't been confirmed. In the future, posts will be more scarce, but should contain more significant information. This will allow us to focus more on development of the game instead.

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